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Shipowners Representants
Accordingly to Government Decision no. 855 from 30.07.2007 regarding the approval of the Rules for Registration of Maritime Ships in the Republic of Moldova, art.16)  If the shipowner is not a resident of the Republic of Moldova, he must ensure, before the ship enters the ship register, the presence of the shipowner's representative.
Representant of the shipowner can be every person citizen or resident of the Republic of Moldova, or company registered in the Republic of Moldova.
Note: The Administration provide the information of permanent representants that work with shipowners and Flag Administration in case that shipowner doesn't have at the moment a representant and need information of the list of representants that collaborate daily with the parties involved. 
The administration does not require cooperation with these representatives, you are always entitled to choose any Moldovan resident to represent your interests.
The administration is not responsible for the services of the representatives.
List of representants at the moment:
  1. GEOSHIP SRL -    geoshipcompany@gmail.com
  2. GP MANAGEMENT SRL -   gpmanagementmoldova@gmail.com    www.moldova-flag.md
  3. DAGNA SRL -    ixix@live.ru
  4. LAWYERS OFFICE  ,,LEONID KARAGHEAUR,,  -  office@avocatlk.md  www.avocatlk.md
  5. MARINE ENGINEERING SRL -  autovalmd@gmail.com
  6. VLANTA INTER SRL - vlantainter65@gmail.com
  7. EURO MARINE SERVICE SRL - registration@flagadmin.com  www.flagadmin.com
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First page  »  Shipowners Representants

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