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First Step for Registration

Accordingly to the article 221 Government Decree No. 855 from 30.07.2007 on the approval of the vessel registration rules in The Republic of Moldova, Public Institution ,,Harbour Master Giurgiulesti,, request the notice from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration on the application for registration of the ship. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration shall present the notice within max 5 working days from the receipt of the registrar's request. (usually notice is presented in 2-3 days)

For every maritime vessel Owner of the vessel must complete a Quotation Request and send by agent or by email to the registrar.  (Download).   info@maradmoldova.md   or   registrator.flagmd@yahoo.com

If you dont know a person from Moldova for representation, you cand request the information of all permanent agents in Moldova from the registrar.

It is necessary to indicate all information in Request, especially the name and surname of the owners and directors of the company, also the passports data. In the absence of such data, the application is denied.


  • The maximum period of time for provisional certificates is 6 months.
  • Permanent certificates are valid maximum one year 
  • Flag Administration reserves the right to refuse the registration of maritime ships older than 1980 year and/or ships has more than 2 detentions per one year.
  • Note: Currently the registry does not accept fishing vessels and one single hull tankers.

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First page  »  First Step for Registration

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