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Registration of the vessel

To: Shipping Agents, Ship-owners/Operators, Ship-owners representants

Subject: Original documents for the provisional/permanent registration of the ships

The Naval Agency has undertaken proactive measures to inform all concerned on Moldova’s position with respect to original and color copy documents mentioned below for the the provisional/permannet registration of the ships.

 The Naval Agency of the Republic of Moldova requires that all original documents mentioned below must be present mandatory for the registration of the ships in the State Ship Registry of Moldova.

           The Naval Agency informs that accordingly to the Government decision No.855 from 30.07.2007 for the approval of the rules of registration of the Maritime vessels in Republic of Moldova point.28 copies of the documents submitted for the registration of the ship shall be legalized notarially, executed in the state language and in English, legalized notary translation. It is also allowed to receive the documents in Russian language, with the legalized notary translation in the state language and / or in English.

Accordingly, to the mentioned Government decision point.16 if the ship-owner is not a resident of the Republic of Moldova, he must ensure, before the ship enters the ship register, the presence of the ship owner’s representative. Ship owner’s representative can be every person citizen or resident of the Republic of Moldova, or company registered in the Republic of Moldova.


The Naval Agency informs that accordingly to the mentioned Government decision point 23, at the provisional registration at the owners request for the provisional registration must be annexed  next documents but may not be limited to the following:


  1. Letter Request from the owner and ship owner’s representative – in original;
  2. Power of Attorney - for the ship owner’s representative, if the company owner of the vessel is not registered in Republic of Moldova, or owner as individual person is not a citizen of Republic of Moldova – in original;
  3.  Declaration Form Annex No.2 from Government Decree No.855 from 11.08.2007 duly signed and completed -  in original;
  4. Declaration Form Annex No.3 from Government Decree No.855 from 11.08.2007  duly signed and completed - in original;
  5. Owner's Declaration of Vessel's Non-Involvement with criminal acts or omissions in original;
  6. Bill of Sale - in Original, signature of the Seller Notarized and Apostilled), Builder's Certificate (for new vessels), or other documents as donation, decision of court of justice etc. - in original;
  7. Certificate of Incorporation or Good  Standing in Original and Apostilled ;
  8. Certificate of Incumbency in Original and Apostilled;
  9. Classification certificate – color copy;
  10. Existing Statutory Certificates – color copies;
  11.  If the owner changes the class than to present Letter confirmation from the recognized organization for the acceptance  - color copy;
  12. Existing Registry Certificates and/or Deletion Certificate – color copies or original for provisional registration;
  13. Color Copies of Passport of the Directors of the company and/or color Copies of Passport of the individual’s owners;
  14. Color copy of the license to operate the radio station on board the ship issued by the competent authority at the place of previous registration;
  15. Ship-Owner proposals for the minimum safe manning, mentioning the operating company and trading area in original or color copy.
  16. Color copy of the insurance policy, stating liability insurance for damage caused by oil pollution, in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, 1992 (for ships carrying more than 2000 tons of oil in bulk as cargo);
  17. The original of the document confirming the agreement of the ship-owner and the pledgee regarding the registered pledge of the ship or other registered encumber on the vessel of that kind for the passage of the ship under the flag of the Republic of Moldova – if applicable;
  18. The original of the bareboat-charter contract if the ship is operated under the bareboat-charter contract or is requested for a temporary registration under bareboat-charter;
  19. The permission of the previous registry to be registered temporary under bareboat-charter registration or the certificate of suspension from the previous registry (if applicable) – in original.
  20. Paid tax registration.


Ship owner’s representative for the documents indicated in point 6, 7 and 8 will make notarized copies and translations and will present to the registrar with the request for the registration of the ship, after the registration mentioned documents shall be returned to the applicant.


For the permanent registration under Flag of Moldova the mentioned Government decision requieres but not limited to the following:

  1. Deletion certificate from previous registry in original
  2. Last Continuous synopsis certificate from previous certificate if applicable – color copy.
  3. Classification certificate and statutory certificates issued under authority of the Government of the Republic of Moldova – color copies.
  4. copy of the pledge agreement (and other encumbers) or the certificate confirming the absence of the pledge on the vessel (if this is not mentioned in the ship's deletion certificate from the place of previous registration) – in original;
  5. Ship photo - lateral and stern.


Naval Agency anticipates your cooperation and assistance.


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First page  »  Provisional and Permanent Registration

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