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Provisional Registration
  1. Letter Request
  2. Power of Attorney (for the agent, if the company owner of the vessel is not registered in Republic of Moldova, or owner as individual person is not a citizen of Republic Of Moldova)  (download)
  3. Declaration Form Annex No.2 from Government Decree No.855 from 11.08.2007 (duly signed and completed)   (download)
  4. Declaration Form Annex No.3 from Government Decree No.855 from 11.08.2007  (duly signed and completed)  (download)
  5. Owner's Declaration of Vessel's Non-Involment with criminal acts or omissions       (download)
  6. Bill of Sale (Original, signature of the Seller Notarised and Apostilled) or Builder's Certificate (for new vessels)
  7. Certificate of Incorporation (Original and Apostilled)
  8. Certificate of Incumbency  (Original and Apostilled)
  9. Class Certificates.  -  If the owner changes the class than to present Letter confirmation from class that ship is under surveys for the acceptance into Class
  10. Existing Registry Certificates and/or Deletion Certificate
  11. Existing Statutory Certificates
  12. Copies of Passport of the Directors of  the company, or Copies of Passport of the individuals owners



Note: If the representation of the owner's interests in the sale / purchase of the ship or the representation of interests for the registration of the vessel was attended by a third person by power of attorney, than to be present all copies of power of attorney.

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First page  »  Provisional Registration

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