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Circullar Letters
Authorization Collection and reporting requirements for the ship fuel oil consumption data
Published Date: 15.01.2019 12:24   

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Published Date: 13.06.2019 08:14   
The Naval Agency has undertaken proactive measures to inform all concerned on Moldova’s position with respect to original and color copy documents mentioned below for the the provisional/permannet registration of the ships.
Published Date: 11.06.2019 07:10   
The Naval Agency has undertaken proactive measures to inform all concerned on Moldova’s position with respect to on-board copies of the required flag state documents mentioned below. The Naval Agency of the Republic of Moldova requires that all original documents must be carried on board on Moldova Flagged vessels. However, in cases when the original documents are en-route to the vessel, in such cases, a grace period of thirty (30) days shall be granted from the date of issuance of the certificates during which printed colour copies of such documents will be carried on-board as evidence of compliance/certification.
Published Date: 07.06.2019 13:14   
Судовладельцам эксплатирующим суда под флагом Молдовы по реке Дунай, об обеспечении беспрепятственных перевозок грузов по реке Дунай из портов Румынии, должны, через портового агента, отправить запрос на электронный адрес laurentiu.radulescu@mt.ro и dtindir@mt.ro с указанием наименования судов, участвующих в перевозке, их номера IMO или EU, а также количество и типа перевозимых грузов.
Published Date: 24.05.2019 13:21   
Published Date: 24.05.2019 13:01   
Published Date: 04.03.2019 10:37   
Published Date: 27.02.2019 09:07   
Published Date: 02.01.2019 12:47   
Published Date: 29.11.2018 13:47   
Published Date: 20.10.2017 20:43   
Published Date: 20.10.2017 14:11   
559 Circullar Letter 20.10.2017
Published Date: 20.06.2017 20:31   
Published Date: 31.03.2017 20:30   
Published Date: 14.03.2017 20:30   
Published Date: 27.02.2017 20:29   
Published Date: 13.02.2017 20:28   
Published Date: 21.12.2016 20:25   
Published Date: 21.12.2016 20:23   
Published Date: 13.12.2016 20:20   
Published Date: 19.10.2016 20:20   

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