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Noutăţi şi evenimente
Publicat la: 04.03.2019 10:47   
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The purpose of this Circular is to remind all parties concerned with Moldova flag ships of the full implementation of the carriage of AIS on board Moldova flag ships. AIS purpose is to provide automatically to appropriately equipped shore stations, other ships information including the ship’s identity, type, position, course, speed, navigational status and other safety related information. AIS should be installed according to the guidance provided and adopted by the Organization. Citeşte mai mult...
Publicat la: 27.02.2019 08:34   
Accesări: 94
The Naval Agency as Maritime Administration of the Republic of Moldova founded by Government decision of the Republic of Moldova no.706 from 11.07.2018 with last modifications from 19.12.2018, and started its activity from 02nd of January 2019, according to point 1 from the government decision, the Naval Agency of the Republic of Moldova has been created as the administrative authority subordinated to the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, is created through the merger of the Public institution "Harbour Master Giurgiulesti" and the State Enterprise "Registrul Naval". Citeşte mai mult...
Publicat la: 15.01.2019 12:06   
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The Naval Agency of the Republic of Moldova as Maritime Administration decided to delegate and authorize the collection and issuance of the Statement of Compliance – Fuel Oil Consumption Reporting to all Recognized Organizations acting on behalf of this Administration. Citeşte mai mult...
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